What will be next generation of social networking? What will it simply look like? How will online users interact? Will it largely defeat the purposes of how users are interacting with current social media? How will it benefit human lives? What benefits of Web 3.0 can be achieved from a commercial point of view?

There are some many questions that any web 2.0 addict would like to ask. Are the current web 2.0 social media tools the limit where humans can interact? I’ve always wonder what it would be like to collaborate Google Maps, shopping centre and eBay together, what will you simply achieve from mixing those ingredients?

I think you might possibly get a virtual online shopping experience where you, the shopper, can head into the virtual shopping centre and browse around for your products or goods that you are willing to purchase. Obviously there are pitfalls to this and that would be the inability to physically measure the shopping product. But who is it to say that there won’t ever be a product that would be capability of having an item transferred from one location to another in less than a minute. Operates pretty like a transporter machine. Before computers were invented, we never really expected to have laptops by 2010, it would have never occurred to anyone that they would be expecting to interact with other human beings either via handheld device, laptop or desktop computer etc

I believe that human beings have come along way from the Stone Age era to today’s world in achieving possibly anything from beyond their wildest imaginations. It simply surprise me that, one day, we will develop electronic devices that will change the world and humans forever. With modern electronic, devices, there will be a change in the software and culture of human interaction and socialisation.

The future is seems bright so far…….. wonder what will be achieved next?