It was once the second rated social networking site behind Myspace, but times have changed and it now has become the most popular site surpassing their rivals by a long margin. Facebook currently reaches out to 500 million users and the corporate companies and businesses have taken notice of the growing trend and realise that how it could potentially to expose their brand to wide audience.

But there are plenty of other useful social media tools used by millions of online users, social media tools include twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, Youtube, Digg, Delicious etc. In this blog, I will be using the sports company ‘Adidas’ and the social media tool ‘Facebook’ as an example of a company using social media to promote and enhance their brands.

Let me start by stating that ‘Adidas’ is a world renowned sportswear clothing company and its biggest competitor is ‘Nike’. I would probably assume that the magnitude of exposure to online users that Facebook delivers would give both Nike and Adidas the confidence factor into using it to brand their products. From the research that I have obtained I can assure you that both brands have their own Facebook pages.Although, from my search, I found many Facebook pages that Adidas have developed, one of them are shown in the following:!/adidasoriginals?ref=ts

Facebook online users would only require to click on the ‘Like’ button to accept them as a fan of their brand. The current number of fans is up to 4 million and each one of them would simply be updated with the latest news in their News feed. The news feed from this fan page will not only be exposed to the respective fan but it can be delivered to other users who are friends of a fan. There is no doubt that the use of social networking can effectively impact the company’s brand exposure and provide them with a cost saving marketing strategy.

Other benefits that social networking sites such as Facebook can bring into an enterprise include the following:

  • Create a strong bond with other businesses
  • Brings branding and identity to the business
  • Constant buzz of business’ products and services
  • The content that is uploaded onto the site will provides an ongoing view of the company online

You have to simply imagine what could possibly the pitfalls of promoting your product or service onto the social networking site could potentially do to your company. Can it possibly be of a magnitude that could lead you into getting your position within the company terminated or could it have lesser effect? A list you the downfalls of using social networking site as part of enhancing the business operations within the company, they are shown in the following:

  • Ongoing monitoring of any activities that could be potential harmful to the brand
  • Identity fraud and other Internet frauders are a danger within social networking scene
  • The need for intensive labour for updating news and information to your readers
  • Keep up to date with the latest trends

That’s good and bad stuff about using social networking as a tool to promote your brand for a business.