Wikis…… I must say….. it has virtually changed the way a small or large group of individuals communicate and interact with one another. We should all know how powerful ‘Wikipedia’ has become in the online world at collaborating human input and information resources together. You can simply just type in a single word and a Wikipedia page for that term and it would probably be selected as one in its first page of results. I have selected Sony Ericsson as one of my choices I had considered, add on from the previous blog post, Sony, as I have already mentioned is a renown brand in world business. Ericsson has merged with Sony to form a formidable couple to increase its branding in the telecommunication device market.

The link to the Sony Ericsson’s wiki page is only a click away:

There is no doubt that the obvious reason behind the company’s decision to provide current customers and potential consumers the access and availability, for them to provide information and other relevant facts to a central location for the company to absorb, is to attract new and innovative ideas and feedback that could potential change the future of how company may operate.

Wikis do provide companies with that powerful organisational capability of keeping the entered information accessible online to all stakeholders involved. You can simply ditched the old fashion method of documenting and storing information in a word processing file, uploading it onto an email as an attached document and sending away to all stakeholders. It is simply a complete nightmare and waste of time if something as little as attaching the incorrect document goes wrong.

With the decision to implement a wiki into the company’s operations, it will save time and money together, the money saved through the implementation of wikis can be used to invest in the company’s future developments. That simply implement can simply determine the future of Sony Ecrisson.

Something with benefits, there are always the pitfalls, in this case, wikis can negatively impact a company’s image and reputation. Some of the reason will be explained in the following:

  • The company will be investing in placing protection on wikis to prevent further vandalism such as spam links, inappropriate images and vocabulary
  • Accuracy of information entered by users is and will be questionable to those who read and take note of it
  • Control access to the wiki will be required depending the type of project at hand

Wikis, is the present and will be the future of online communication within corporate culture.