Blogging….. What a word! Did you ever happen to think a word like that would ever exist in the corporate world? Well….. apparently it does and I will introduce you to a company that has implemented this style of communication to its current business operations in the hope of achieving greater benefits to its staff and related stakeholders. The company that I have chosen is Sony, very popular electronics brand, known to many people across the globe.

Their link to the blog page is just a click away:

Sony does also use a variety of other web 2.0 tools such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Forums as a way of connecting their brand with customers and potential consumers. Sony is a brand that produces a diverse range of electronic products from gaming consoles, televisions, MP3 players, LCD screens, laptops right down to mobile phones. One of the benefits of their involvement with blogging is that it promotes and exposes their upcoming products as well as informing customers and consumers of what to expect from the company. Customers and consumers are given the functionality to produce feedback to the respective blog post they have read. The feedback can give Sony some resources that they can use to maintain the integrity of their current and upcoming products.

From a customer’s perspective, I believe that if I had an issue with a Sony product and I had issues with communicating with them, I would personally jump onto the blog and post a comment on my experiences with a Sony product. Now, you would probably think that this would make any effects as you would consciously have doubts that they will not respond as it would not be the professional and standard way of getting their attention. But from the stores that I have heard with other companies, it could possibly be way to get their attention as a damaging comment about on a Sony product on their official blog site would trigger an impact negatively on their image. If this ever occurs, give it a go because this is a changing world and doubtful things can happen.

To state the pitfalls of using blogs within companies, have a read of the last few sentences from the previous paragraph that I plotted down. I can simply assure you that Sony will anxiously monitoring their blog site on a consistent for any comments that could deter current customers and potential consumers.