The organisation that I have chosen is Brisbane Roar Football Club, a sporting organisation that is striving to mix their off field business with social media and other web 2.0 tools. From my research, they have already created accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia to promote their brand in attracting people to support their team.


I’ve read a couple of articles in relation to the legal risks involved with organisations using social media as a way of promoting their product and attempting to people to their brand. Risks involved using social media include: copyright infringement, reputation risk, trademark infringement, confidential loss, conduct of an employees, privacy breaches etc.

As a sporting organisation that is always going to be in the public scene will find it more difficult to deal with any negative impacts that occur than any other organisations that have less public exposure. The football club relies on their football players to behave and promote a positive image not just for themselves but for the football club they are employed at. Social media is powerful tool that can quickly deliver and share information to the public and its loyal supporters at a very quick rate. One mistake by an employee can give the club a big knock on its head. One incident that I can refer is the ‘Football club’s drink driving incident’, the link to the story is shown below, had a negative impact to the club and it virtually loss many support from the fans.

Well, this incident caused many fans to put pages on Facebook and other social media sites about the Coach being drunk and other horrible things. Those social media pieces have later been removed by the site’s administrators. Now I can imagine this kind of behaviour from the fans has given the club a negative image and has effectively minimised the support they once had. The risk here is loss of reputation caused effectively by the powerful use of popular social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

Now the organisation is currently rebuilding their brand in a more positive fashion to attract the support they once had.