The demanding use of web 2.0 tools has complete revolutionise the way online users interact and share information on the internet. Web 2.0 tools like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Wikipedia, Digg, RSS and Linkedin are some of the popular applications for user involvement with information.

I’ve always had a Twitter account but was never a consistent user of it. I discovered this web 2.0 tool was well received by older online users and that younger adults online users chose other web 2.0 tools such as Facebook and Myspace as a way of communication and obtaining information. I found that Twitter was a good tool to promote your blog and attract online users to read your blog posts. A catchy title and a link to your blog as part of your twit is all you would require to attract attention to your blog.

I’ve always used Youtube as a way of collecting video media sources and I have just recently been getting into using Flickr to obtain images. Both of these web 2.0 applications work the same way but provide different types of media sources. These applications tools are very powerful in the way that they can will provide them to anyone around the world who has access to the web. Even the celebrities are doing it to enhance their personal branding. Check out the video below:

Both Youtube and Flickr can be linked with other web 2.0 applications such as Facebook, in my view, with the collaboration of two or more applications it’ll just provide online users with convenience when sharing and collecting information. The collaboration of these tools can be linked with your blog and it’ll eventually provide an easier way for users to have access to the blog posts.