Blogging. What is it? What is the purpose? What are the benefits of it? Why blog? There are so many questions to be answered when I first recognise blogging as a tool to communicate your thoughts and views on various topics of your discussion. After reading several blogs from people across the globe, my initial thought of blogging was why you would want to spend your time and energy into writing words, sentences and paragraphs about yourself or your views on a certain topic. I always had the concept of blogging as a complete waste of time and thinking that if I had wrote posts on my very own blog I would be asking myself, why would anyone want to read my rubbish?

Was my concept of blogging just a self-esteem problem I had that I didn’t know about? Or Was I just ignorant and wasn’t exposed much to the experiences of blogging? Well, after spending countless hours of reading Sacha Chua’s blog posts, my concept of blogging completely changed the way I think of blogging and it has even given me some ideas on how I could implement the convention of blogging into my social life.

Why is blogging useful? My straight out answer would be that the large number of ideas, suggestions and information generated through blogging can be quite helpful if your blog can genuinely attract other bloggers to come and read your blog post. Blogging can be a good way of sharing experiences to other bloggers who may find it helpful and resourceful and can use that information from the blog to gain a sense what you would be expecting.
From the countless hours of reading Sacha Chua’s blog posts, I learnt her approach to building a community and increasing the awareness of activities within blogs were to have less concern about personal branding and to focus on content you share to help improve other people’s lives. In other words, she discourages bloggers to have less concern about whether they look good and have a striving urge to help other bloggers by sharing valuable information that can be useful to their lives.

I feel that she is on the track here as I don’t think that you would be able to handle yourself once your boss finds out that you have dissed him on your very own blog. I would prefer to post something meaningful on the blog that would be useful to other bloggers to help them improve their lives.

Blogging…. Personally, it can be a very handy tool to use once you know how find a way to share it and use it wisely.